Salon Marketing: Tips For Your Salon Website

We can agree that the beauty industry is extremely competitive and salon marketing can be tough!

In the digital world, your company’s website is an online business card.

Your website should not only attract potential clients, but it should also be a strong base for existing customers.

Building and planning a website for your hair salon can be a huge challenge, so we have created some must have features necessary for all salon categories.

These features will not only increase your salon’s sales, but they can also positively impact your brand. They will also improve organization within your company.

Salon Website Must Haves Infographic

1. Branding

Branding is important for business owners because it increases their value, motivate employees, and makes gaining new clients easier.

Most small business owners ignore branding, but branding creates trust and makes potential clients feel more comfortable with giving you their money.

Branding Tips For Salon Websites

Make sure that your salon’s brand is appealing to your target market. For instance, if you own a salon for children, you should consider a pink logo with pigtails to signify that you are a company that caters to adolescent children.

While keeping your clientele in mind, you should also make sure that brand has personality that differs from your competitors.

Your company’s brand should also be consistent throughout all digital platforms. Not only your company’s logo but also your company’s colors and slogans should also be on each and every platform to ensure professionalism and trust from current and potential clients.

Here’s an example of great salon branding. This salon used consistent colors throughout the site. They also have a selfie station with their logo on it!

salon website branding

2. Call To Action Buttons

Adding call to action buttons (CTA) to your wesite creates a chance to motivate your audience to take steps toward becoming a customer or client. They can also be a first step in your digital marketing sales funnels.

Believe it or not, a lot of customers look for CTA’s to guide them into a sale. CTA’s can be easily over looked while planning a website but is extremely important to your digital marketing plans.

Tips for Call To Action Buttons

Dont forget to integrate CTA’S on social media as well. “Book Now” is a great CTA used on most businesses Facebook page. They also work well on websites too! We’ve provided examples below to show you how they are used…


3. Mobile Friendly

Each and every website should be responsive, but for a salon’s website mobile friendly is a must! Responsive websites in general rank higher in search engines which is extremely important for small business owners.

A responsive website is also convienient for clients making their experience more pleasant!. If you are considering hiring a developer, make sure to mention that a responsive website is definitely necessary.

If you are creating your own website don’t worry, most themes and templates are mobile friendly for your convenience.
Affordable and Optimized Website For Your Salon

4. Picture Gallery and Client Reviews

Their’s no better way to show social proof like pictures and client reviews. Pictures display your hair styles and hard work. They also attract new clients. Some say pictures tell a thousand words. We say that pictures can create thousands of dollars.

Positive client reviews provide free advertisement for your hair salon, so why not highlight them on your salon’s website?

salon marketing client review
Tips for Gallery and Client Reviews

Include your company’s brand in all photos. Hair Style pictures are extremely popular on Google and social media so make sure that everyone not only knows your skills, but your company’s name as well. While we prefer professional pics, non professional pics can work just as well but make sure your company’s name or logo is present.

Watermarks are great or you can use a consistent smock that has your company’s colors and logos present.


Create a marketing campaign that promotes client reviews. For example, you can create a promotion that offers discount on the next purchase after a review is made.

5. Email Subscriptions

Email Marketing is a flexible and cost-effective way to reaching clientele and retaining existing clients. An email subscription can also be used as a resourceful strategy in building loyalty and trust in your brand.

Subscriptions can also be important for building relationships with prosects, leads, current clients, and even past customers because it gives your company a chance to speak directly at them, in their inbox, at the time that is convenient for them.

Email Subscription Tips For Salon Marketing:

Create articles about hair and skin care. Then, share them via email. Informative blog articles shared through email create trust and brands your company as an “expert.” These types of emails also encourage people to stay subscribed to your company because of its valued information.

Loyalty Programs

Creating a loyalty program for your hair salon is a great way to retarget existing clients by offering an incentive for repeat business. Digital gift cards can be provided to clients that reach the point threshold.

Deals and Promotions

Of course current clientele love online deals! Email promotions also encourage potential clients to start service with your salon. We suggest that you provide exclusive promotions to email subscribers as an incentive to signing up.


6. Blog and Content Creation

In the digital world, content marketing is still king! For higher SEO rankings, the more content the better! The more content you have, the more chances of someone coming across your website! Like explained in the email subscription section, information articles can brand your salon as an industry expert.

Tutorials is also a powerful marketing strategy for your beauty salon. Tutorials also creates trust for potential customers. Videos are the best example of your skills and what potential clients should expect when visiting your salon.

You can also create photo hair tutorials like this one…

salon marketing hair tips

As you can see, these tutorials are branded with the company’s website. They also used a consistent font which is also important in salon marketing.

7. E commerce

E commerce is often overlooked by salon owners. We think that entrepreneurs are unaware of the earning potential of e commerce sales. For many, e commerce is a preferred way of shopping because of the easiness and convienience of online shopping.

Having an e commerce section of your website can assist with SEO because your products can increase your search engine visibility.

For example, an online shopper is looking for hair conditioner on Google. If your website’s conditioner show up in their search results, not only can that customer add revenue through the purchase, they may also consider making an appointment the next time they need salon service.

Having an e commerce section of your website can assist with SEO because your products can increase your search engine visibility. For example, an online shopper is looking for hair conditioner on Google. If your website’s conditioner show up in their search results, not only can that customer add revenue through the purchase, they may also consider making an appointment the next time they need salon service.

e commerce
Salon Marketing Tips For E commerce Integration

Use a third party payment option for purchases. Not only has inline shopping increased, but payment security concerns have increased as well. Third party payments also increases brand trust!

Integrate email marketing to promote new products. Your email subscribers list is full of potential and current clients, so why not promote your products directly to expected buyers? An exclusive promotion or discount for email subscribers is a great way to increase sales and encourage email subscriptions.

Include customer reviews on your product description pages. Reviews can be the deciding factor for potential customer’s purchases so make sure that they are present. A star rating can also be a big plus when selling products digitally.

Well there you have it, our must have website tips for salon marketing.

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