I’m not going to bore you with generic salon ideas, I promise.

You may have seen some of these ideas before but I’m going show you to earn a pretty penny for your salon.

Don’t worry, I have examples as well.

I know some of you are wondering why Halloween is such an important holiday for salons?

Well, let’s look at the facts…


As you can see from this graph, Halloween is spending is pretty big. I see Americans taking costumes more serious every year. And what is a Halloween costume without a bomb hairdo and makeup?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time convincing you about how important Halloween is.


You’re still reading so CLEARLY you get it.


Well without further ado…

Salon Ideas For Halloween

1. Halloween Themed Promotions and Ads

Clearly people are excited about Halloween, why not capitalize off of it? Even if you do not have a marketing campaign exclusive to Halloween, you can still add a theme to your promos.


As you can see in this example, the promo has a halloween theme and targets services that most people get for the holiday.

Here’s another example…


This pic is a collage of different halloween looks. It can be used for social media posts or ad campaigns.

Facebook ads are inexpensive and if done right, can be very lucrative. “Like” campaigns are great for brand awareness and is great tool to direct traffic to your Facebook page. If you are not running any social media ad campaigns, I would recommend that you consider adding them to your marketing strategy.

2. Contests

Contests are a great way to create brand awareness. Social media contest have been proven to work but only if you include one thing…


Why should people take time out of their day to engage in your little contest?

Now I’m not calling your contest “little,” but you must assume what the general public is thinking.

Bottom line…

Make it worth their wild!

Another Tip…

Make sure your rules are very detailed and clear!

Look at the example below. This social media contest encourages followers to post this pic on their page.


A simple halloween pic with the company’s logo present.

Even though the pic is simple, be sure to include very detailed rules in the caption. Like this example below.


As you can see the picture is simple yet related to halloween. If you include this idea, make sure the pic is appealing.

Do not, I repeat do not create a collage of different Halloween hairstyles.

People don’t want to post that. They are not trying to build your clientele, they are trying to win a contest. That type of pic will only attract desperate clients.

I’m not saying that a desperate client is not a good client, but you should take their value into consideration.

What would you prefer, a desperate client or a client that has money to spend but like contest? I hope you would prefer the latter. Those clients will not post an ad, but they would post a simple pic related to your company.

Look at this example below. While its branded and has a Halloween theme, it’s more of an ad for a salon rather than a pic followers would like to post on their page.

Another Tip

Make the prize a gift card or loyalty points for email subscribers. This way, you are able to gain a new client from the prizes you offer.

#Hashtag Contests

Now this is another idea for a contest.


This contest allows your followers to be creative and spread the word about your salon with #hashtags.

Hashtag contest are more popular because followers are not required to post your company on their pages. Instead, they are able to be creative and hopefully gain popularity and prizes by entering your contest.

#Hashtag Contest Tip

Periodically post contest entries throughout contest dates. This is a great strategy to encourage your followers to enter your contest.

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3. Halloween Themed Selfie Stations


Selfie Stations have became extremely popular with salons.

It makes perfect sense. Think about how many times you’ve taken a selfie when your look is slayed. Your clients feel the same way. Why not provide them a place to take a selfie while promoting your brand?

Now your selfie station doesnt have to look like the one above. Since Halloween is a short celebration, you can go for a more simple approach.

Check out the pics below. This is a step and repeat banner that companies used to highlight Halloween while showing their logo.


You can set it up like the selfie station below. This is a simple yet effective selfie station that celebrates halloween while promoting your salon.

4. Exclusive Halloween Prep Party

Hosting a Halloween pamper party is a great way to capitalize on holiday spending and show appreciation to your loyal clientele. I would suggest making the party exclusive loyal customers, email subscribers and social media followers.


I would also suggest providing extra incentives that your salon would not typically provide. Like the example above, this salon is offering services from a horror make up artist at a discount. This will make clients and follower eager to attend your event, especially if they are going to a Halloween party.

Extra Tip

In addition to a Halloween celebration, treat this event as a “client appreciation party.” Make sure that your customers feel special while attending your party. Free massages, drinks, and food is a good idea. You and your marketing team can discuss the particulars, but a prep party will definitely give you an edge over other local businesses and salon owners in your area.

5. Halloween Inspired Look Book

To show off your salon’s skills, create a photo look book strictly for Halloween. If done properly, your salon will see an increase of clientele during the Halloween holiday.


You can do a lot with an assortment of photos dedicated to Halloween. These pics can be used in ads, social media and blog posts, as well as email campaigns.

Make sure that EVERY single photo is branded with your salon.


I cannot tell you how many salon pics that I’ve seen without branding.

How can these bomb photos offer salon services to potential clients? Most people don’t know who is responsible for most hairstyle photos that are online. Makeup and hairstyle photos have a high potential of going viral and shared throughout thousands of group chats.

It’s actually a shame that most salons do not brand their photos. Either they are unaware of how much money they are losing out on, or they don’t care.

Either way its a darn shame.

Luckily for you I wont go on a tangent. Well, at least not in this article…

Look Book Tip

Create a content calendar for these pictures.


I also suggest creating a social media content calendar dedicated strictly to Halloween looks. These pics should be in conjunction with your main content strategy. Combining the two will give your followers more value while potentially gaining new clients.

Another Tip

Create a blog post for your website with these look book photos. If you do not have an article section for your salon, you are missing out on SEO opportunities.

Blogs and articles provide your business with a competitive edge over your competition, by showcasing your expertise in the beauty business. They also build trust in potential clients.

Articles also improves your company’s search engine rank.


You definitely want people to find your salon in Google searches. Higher ranking in Google equates to higher traffic to your company’s website

If you haven’t incorporated articles in your salon I would highly suggest you start writing, or hire a digital marketing professional to help.

Also, include these looks into your email marketing campaign.


You should definitely have a email marketing campaign for your salon. Especially if you provide online booking. That’s the easiest way to collect email addresses. I would also provide exclusive email promotions and loyalty programs.

Halloween Tutorials

Halloween tutorials are very popular and easy to do. Tutorials pics also have a high chance of going viral. Look at the pics below.


Whatever you do, make sure to brand all tutorial pics. These pics might not catch on this year, but their’s always next Halloween!

I hope you like these suggestions, if you want to see more salon ideas, click here!

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