PPC Marketing

Their have been a lot of PPC developments in the last few years. PPC campaigns are often looked over while creating digital marketing plans but 65% of all PPC clicks are made by users who intend on making purchases. We offer PPC services that have high click thru rates to increase sales and potential customers.

Our PPC Marketing Includes



Before we start creating your PPC ad, we will perform an audit that will review your current PPC ads. We will see what you are doing well and what needs to improve. We will also provide analytics and competitor comparisons.


Dedicated Marketing Executive

If you have any questions about your campaign, or need consulting your dedicated marketing strategist will be available for you 7 days a week for your convenience!



You will never have to worry about your ad statistics! We can provide reports at your choice of frequency. Daily, weekly, or monthly is fine with us! Every month you and your strategist will discuss your analytics and strategy for the month following.


Adword Research

We will use advanced tools to identify keywords most valuable to your business. We will factor all keywords based on cost, search volume, competition and traffic estimates.

PPC Ad Creation Strategy


Before we start creating your ads, you and your dedicated exec will have a meeting to discuss your goals and expectations of your ad.


Daily Monitoring

We will analyze your ad everyday to collect data, spot trends, and optimize it to its fullest potential. Your marketing exec may contact you for urgent alerts.

PPC Consultant

Competitor Analysis

How well do you stack up against competition? We will provide you with analytics, pros and cons, and suggestions based upon your competitors.