Do you want to know company’s strengths and weaknesses?  Our strategist will scrub through your stats and provide analytics, competitor comparisons, strategy for improvement and more. A one on one consultation with an experience digital marketing strategists is also included. Look below for more features and benefits of our marketing analysis reports!

Marketing Analysis Includes

Marketing Analysis Optimization Checklist

Optimization Checklist

Is your information correct online? Are you missing important features or have broken links? Our optimization checklist makes sure that everything in eye site is correct.



We will provide reports on all of your company’s important digital marketing metrics. We will also provide analytics on your social media ads and break down the good, bad and ugly.

Competitor Analysis

How well does your digital marketing efforts compare against your competition? We will provide the stats on you and your competitors. Here at Supreme Digital Marketing, we have state of the art tools that will provide detailed analytics and reports on their marketing strategies. We will analyze the in depth reports to if those strategies can work with your company. These analytics can also save money on strategies that may not profitable.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

In the digital marketing world, content is king! We will analyze all of your company’s content and provide steps for improvement!



Whats the importance of reports and analytics without a plan to improve? We will provide you with a strategy report to increase your online visibility. This will also include a step by step guide to execute this plan.

Marketing Analysis Audit


All of your company’s analytics, strategy and competitor analysis will be accompanied with a digital marketing audit. This audit will complete with every metric necessary for digital marketing.


1-on-1 Consultation Included FREE!

Included with all of our digital marketing analysis is a one on one consultation with one of our digital marketing experts. We will work around your schedule to plan a virtual or phone meeting to discuss your analysis and strategy to improve.