The average ROI for email marketing is $32 for every $1 spent. Our email campaigns have high open rates and as a result, your company will have an increase in website traffic and sales. Here are some features and benefits of our email marketing services.

Email Marketing Includes

Email Marketing Strategy


We will create a step by step strategy based on your email marketing goals. Our creative team will produce a campaign that is relevant to your company’s brand while grabbing your subscriber’s attention for maximum click thru potential!


Creative Branding

Our email campaigns will be designed by our creative team and they will attract subscribers while sticking to your company’s brand. We will make sure that all content is related to your industry as well as create landing pages that is consistent with your brand and offer that is given. Consistent branding will make sure that your emails garner the trust of your subscribers to maintain a long lasting relationship.


Personalized Emails

Emails that are personalized to each specific customer is a proven way to increase your open and click thru rates. Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened than those without. Customers are uninterested in generic offers and information. We will create email campaigns targeted directly to them in return to make sure your email campaign is highly effective


Multiple Email Categories

Most companies that offer email marketing services mainly focus on sales and promo emails but their are many different email types that are beneficial for companies and customers. Welcome emails are typically overlooked but they are proven to improve the customer’s experience. Newsletters are great because they provide customers with your company’s updates and important industry news. Newsletters can also establish your company as an industry expert. We will create an email marketing strategy to make sure that your emails provide a highest ROI possible.



Really good marketers understand the power of email marketing analytics. We will provide you with consistent reports on important metrics related to your email marketing campaign. These metrics and trends will be considered when creating marketing strategies for the month following.


List Building and Monitoring

Email subscriber lists can be challenging to build. We will create a strategy that is relevant to your industry while providing value for your customers. Most companies will create popups and sliders to encourage an email subscription from the visitor. While popups can be effective, most visitors find them aggravating especially when they are on your web page is providing information. We will make sure that we create a strategy specific to your industry while creating value for customers. Monitoring your emails daily is also important. When you have too many unopened emails your campaign will end up in a spam folder. That the last thing we want so we will monitor and remove recipients that are not interested.

Single Services Included

Email Consultant

Dedicated Marketing Consultant

While hiring us for email marketing, you will be assigned a dedicated marketing executive that will be available for your assistance seven days a week. We also offer consultation services for company owners that are comfortable with creating effective emails but need a little guidance from a professional. We are here to help! Our consultant services not only include a dedicated executive, they will also create a monthly strategy and step by step plan for execution and analytics.

content creation and testing

Content Creation and Testing

If you need help with the copy of your email marketing campaign, we offer content creation and testing! Here at Supreme Digital Marketing, we have a dedicated creative team that will construct the perfect copy for your marketing campaign. All of our emails will be personalized, relevant to your industry, have call to actions, and captivating subject and preview lines. We will also perform A/B testing to make sure that your email is highly effective!